Away from the hustle and bustle, that is the life we long for

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a quiet summer night,

A mud house in the deep impression,

Sitting around the closest people under the dim light,

A few simple dishes,

Talk about the most ordinary things.

Maybe this is the life I yearn for,

An uncomplicated life.

I would like to give life more yearning. —— God Foil Packaging

Hunan Satellite TV "Longing for Life 2"

Since its broadcast on April 20, it has gained the hearts of a large number of viewers.

The setting of the program seems to be incompatible with the current variety show,

Simple work at sunrise, rest at sunset, three meals a day;

After a busy day, you can relax and have fun, chat about the past, and relax.

But it is such a simple and simple variety show,

It has indeed won the hearts of a large number of stars and audiences.

In fact, there is not much mystery about its fire, which is derived from the audience's enjoyment of home.


love innocence

Those of us born in the 80s and 90s,

I still remember the childhood dominated by mountains and fields,

In those days when there were no playgrounds,

The gift of nature is the best toys and games.

Go up the mountain to dig bamboo shoots and go down the river to catch fish, catch frogs and loaches in the fields,

I enjoyed it throughout my childhood.

Do some simple cooking with your "fruits of labor",

Such delicacies seem to exist only in memory.

I really like the part of the fourth issue where Mr. He Jiong grinds soy milk by himself.

Through the screen, I can smell the strong fragrance of beans,

Taste the most original fragrance of soy milk.

The simplest open flame baking,

Use high-temperature charcoal fire to stimulate the fragrance of beans

Then carry out the most primitive stone grinding,

A cup of pure green healthy soybean milk,


love childhood

In fact, do it yourself, healthy eating does not stop there.

Every time I pass by a baked sweet potato stall on the street, the tempting aroma always makes people stop.

as a child,

The most anticipated is the sweet potato harvest season,

The delicious roasted sweet potatoes warmed many people's childhood memories.

The leisure time after busy farming,

Family and neighbors sit around a warm fire,

Buried a few sweet potatoes in the fire,

The grown-ups were chatting about their daily routines,

Sharing the joy of a year's harvest,

Children are playing around,

The aroma of roasted sweet potatoes filled the room,

It also permeates the childhood of a generation.

So much so that now, every Chinese New Year,

Chatting around the stove and roasting sweet potatoes are also must-have items.

Wrap the sweet potatoes in aluminum foil and bury them in the charcoal fire.

After everyone has had a good time chatting and the children are tired from playing, the sweet potatoes will be ripe.

Peel off the aluminum foil, and the yellow-orange sweet potato smells tangy.

This is the taste of sweet potatoes, but also the taste of home,

It is the taste of happiness.

Love life

longing for life,

That is, there are mountains, water, trees, flowers, and delicious food.

wanderer outside,

Although I can't often go back to my hometown to enjoy the family's laughter and laughter,

Make an appointment with three or five friends on weekends, bring your family, and form an outing group,

Also relaxed and fun.

Bring the grill and beer, wash and marinate the fresh ingredients carefully,

Find a scenic spot, spread the tablecloth and set up the grill,

Prepared fresh ingredients carefully cooked,

Listening to the delicious skewers sizzling on the greased aluminum foil,

Have a drink with friends, recall the past and imagine the future,

Surrounded by the free and joyful laughter of children,

A fresh and warm wind blows head-on,

At this moment, the world is quiet and serene.

Aluminum foil is used as a cooking tool,

Can withstand high temperature baking,

Tightly lock the freshness of the food,

Make every bite delicious in your mouth,

It's all about the taste of memory.

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