A small whale died after spitting out 5 plastic bags. It had 80 more weighing a total of 8kg in its

Issuing time:2023-08-14 15:04

A humpback whale has been found dying on a beach in southern Thailand recently. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel to rescue him, the male calf has unfortunately died.

On the 28th of last month, local residents found this little whale stranded on the beach in Songkhla Province. At that time, it could no longer eat or swim, and its breathing was accompanied by a foul smell. It was obviously a serious infection in its body. The local marine resource department sent a medical team to take care of it 24 hours a day, but after 4 days of struggle, the little whale finally died on the 2nd of this month. Before it died, it vomited out a total of 5 plastic bags. Poor little whale, what kind of pain he went through before he died. But this made the medical staff suspect that its death was due to eating too many foreign objects.

baby whale on beach in thailand

Sure enough, after the investigators dissected the dead whale, they found that there were more than 80 plastic bags in its body, with a total weight of 8 kilograms. "It's a huge problem, we're using too many plastic bags," said marine biologist Thon Thamrongnawasawat.

In the area where the whale was found alone, 300 marine animals, including whales, turtles and dolphins, die each year from eating plastic bags, Thon said. It is conceivable that how many marine animals in the world will die every year due to the discarded plastic waste. This data is regrettable and regrettable, because these lives could have survived in a healthy way. Because of our mistakes, we paid the price with our lives.

sea ​​turtle entangled in trash

With the development of the times, human beings have entered the era of petroleum energy, and convenient and cheap plastic products have emerged as the times require. People enjoy the convenience brought by the development of the times, but they don't know how much disaster they have brought to themselves.

According to incomplete statistics, in my country alone, the amount of discarded plastics reaches more than 30 million tons every year. Spread him out, calculate his height of 10 centimeters, can tile 300 million square meters. Can you imagine what a huge amount of plastic waste all over the world will be?

Environmental issues seem to be urgent, and it is an international issue. In Europe, most regions have begun to implement "plastic restriction orders". The European Union even proposes to completely ban disposable plastic products, such as straws, tableware, cotton swabs, etc. At the same time put the burden of cleaning up the waste on manufacturers to reduce marine litter. The EU proposal points out that the use of alternative disposable plastic products, such as cotton swabs, cutlery, plates, straws, drink stirrers and balloon holders, will be banned and replaced with more environmentally friendly materials, such as aluminum foil lunch boxes, bamboo Knives and forks etc. In the United Kingdom, the royal family has banned the use of single-use plastic products by the royal family. It seems that the world is already taking action on environmental issues.

Environmentally friendly and healthy aluminum foil lunch box

However, national restrictions cannot fully control the use of plastics. Take our country as an example. The plastic restriction order has been implemented for more than ten years, but when you go to supermarkets, farmers markets, and shopping malls, you can see that the use of plastics is still common. Most people still carry all kinds of plastic bags, and takeaway, packaging, and fresh-keeping are still plastic lunch boxes.

Environmental protection is not a matter for the country, but for everyone. Only by persisting in the spirit of environmental protection can we truly reduce the pressure on the earth. Don't let our children see whales only in history books. Here, I hope that more people will join us in implementing the concept of environmental protection and insisting on environmental protection actions.

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